meHello! Welcome to a site dedicated entirely to kitchen cleaning tools, appliances and accessories. My name is Martin J. Sanford, and I research, write and curate all of the content that you will find here.

I created this site for people who want to ensure that they have the most efficient kitchen possible at all times. When I talk about having an efficient kitchen, I’m talking about having a kitchen that runs smoothly and stays clean with minimal effort. I happen to know a lot about this because I’m a plumber as well as an avid cook.

My History

I was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota to parents who owned a local hardware store. My father also ran his plumbing business out of the hardware store, and I took both of these operations over after graduating from college.

I’ve since sold my prosperous businesses, but I do still do some plumbing on the side, and I stay up to date with all of the latest kitchen appliances and cleaning tools. Part of the reason that I remain interested in these areas is because of the fact that I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I love to cook for my family and guests that we have over for various parties and occasions.

My Goal for This Site

As with everything I do, I always have the customer and consumer in mind. I want people to feel that they can trust the information I provide here. I consider myself a professional, and I personally only work with professional, top-quality tools and products.

I know that my readers want that same high level of service from a site like this one, so I encourage you to peruse what I have to offer here. See for yourself the best cleaning tools and products that I recommend for your own kitchen! Thank you for stopping by!